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About Us

We mainly create brutal drinking games. The end goal is usually always the same, to get drunk and have fun doing it (if not a little offended). Whilst not all of our games will directly involve alcohol, we'd advise drinking it whilst playing them (it'll soften the blow & you may require the liquid confidence).

We made the first of our games during the COVID-19 lockdown (remember that?) - it's an online board game that you can still play for free - It's pretty good, in our humble opinion. Since then we've moved onto more and more virtual and physical card games.

We try and incorporate online technology into our physical drinking games too. Whilst this is more costly to develop than just another standard pack of cards (you're welcome), we think it adds incomparable benefits to the game.

Here's something ChatGPT wrote for us to sound more professional:

Introducing the ultimate solution for your next party, brought to you by DRUNKH, the leader in drinking games! Our innovative collection features both online and physical games that are sure to bring a fun and wild experience to any gathering.

Our online games offer the convenience of playing from anywhere, on any device, without the hassle of bringing physical components. With a wide variety of games to choose from, there's something for everyone. From classic favorites like beer pong to new and exciting twists on the classics, our online platform will have you and your friends laughing, drinking and playing all night long.

For those who prefer the traditional party experience, our physical games offer the perfect combination of fun and competition. Beautifully crafted and easy to set up, our games are the perfect addition to any get-together. Whether you're hosting a BBQ, tailgate, or just a night in with friends, our physical games will provide hours of entertainment.

So why settle for boring nights with the same old activities? Make your next party one to remember with DRUNKH's drinking games. Order now and let the games begin!

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