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Please don't.

Read our FAQ's below before trying to contact us. Many of you are completely unoriginal and have already asked exactly what you're thining of asking.

If you've read the FAQ and still need to contact us (urgh) or you need to make changes to an order, then you can do so via email or live chat.

Frequently asked questions.

If you're looking for wholesome fun, look elsewhere. But yes.

It depends. Unforuntately we're still in the process of developing our courier-intervention drones, designed to eliminate delivery drivers before they get to your door. Until then, you can only cancel an order if it hasn't already been dispatched.

If your order is already in the hands of a trusted (slightly in-danger) courier, you'll need to return it to us for a refund. Please read here.

Otherwise, please scroll to the top of the page for contact details.

Yes. Please read our returns policy here.

No. We'd like to make one but Apple won't publish any more drinking games on the app store because, quite rightfully, they're scared one of you idiots is going to drink too much.

That isn't a question, Karen.

Damn loopholes. We have a special page for reporting offense, please contact us here.

Presumably you'd like to tell us? You can do so via email or live chat.

Interesting question. It's thought provoking. Awakening almost. We'll have to get back to you, there's so many variables to consider.

There is. Click here